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The Beginner's Guide to MCTs
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The Beginner’s Guide to MCTs

Medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, have been used as nutritional therapy for a wide variety of medical conditions; however, the growth of the Ketogenic diet has exploded the popularity of this supplement. KetoMed delivers 75% of its calories from high-quality medium chain triglycerides to help promote nutritional ketosis. But what exactly does that mean? In this article, we will explain what MCTs are and why they are an important nutritional component for anyone following a true Ketogenic diet.

What are MCTs?

While commonly known as fats to most people, triglycerides are the technical term for this particular macronutrient. All triglycerides are constructed of a glycerol backbone that has 3 fatty acids joined to it. While most dietary fats contain long-chain fatty acids, MCTs are generally derived from palm and coconut oils. But the real difference between these dietary fat sources is how the body digests them.

Long chain fats need assistance from bile and phospholipids to be broken down and then absorbed into the intestinal wall. However, MCTs are transported directly to the liver and converted into bio-available ketones that can be used by the body. This means that MCTs can provide an immediate boost in ketones for anyone following a Ketogenic diet while also encouraging the creation of ketones from other dietary fat sources.

What Do MCTs Do?

MCTs have been well documented for their medical uses, particularly for people that can’t easily digest fats and are even added to baby formulas to simulate human breast milk. However, more studies are now showing that MCT could be a nutritional tool in the ongoing fight against obesity. This has made the incorporation of MCTs into a Ketogenic diet extremely important. On a true Ketogenic diet, MCT can be used to quickly convert the fatty acids into ketones that the body can be used to provide energy.

Replacing one or more of your meals with MCT can help encourage satiety between meals while still providing the needed ratio of fat to maintain nutritional ketosis. This occurs because the fatty acids it provides services as a replacement for glycogen to decrease cravings that may occur. With the demands of a modern lifestyle, incorporating MCTs into your busy schedule can help ensure your body has the energy needed to power through the day while keeping you satisfied longer.

Where Does KetoMed Fit In?

The unique scientifically formulated high fat, extremely low carb ketogenic formula for KetoMed delivers 75% of its calories from high-quality medium chain triglycerides (MCT), 15% from hormone/antibiotic free clean protein and less than 2% total carbs with zero sugar. Plus 24 vitamin and mineral nutrients that are typically lacking on a strict ketogenic diet. This makes it one of the most advanced Ketogenic/antifungal dietary foods supplements available and a great source of MCTs.

While many products claim to be keto-friendly, they don’t always provide the appropriate nutrient ratios needed to make your Ketogenic diet as effective as possible. Instead of following industry trends and cutting corners, we use science to create the most complete ketogenic formula available on the market. If you are looking for a higher-quality, premium therapeutic Ketogenic Nutraceutical meal replacement to be used for support with chronic illness, increased support for a low carb or low grain lifestyle, a potent antifungal or alternative weight loss/ weight management supplement, KetoMed is the right product for you.


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