Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in your diet? Does your nutritional intake coincide with the Keto diet golden ingredient ratio? While many products claim to be keto-friendly, they don’t always provide the appropriate nutrient ratios needed to make your Ketogenic diet as effective as possible. Instead of following industry trends and cutting corners, we use science to create the most complete ketogenic formula available on the market. The KetoMed Complete Ketogenic Nutraceutical Drink was developed in conjunction with therapeutic Keto beliefs to match the nutritional profile needed to establish and sustain ketosis.

What about the saturated fat isn't that bad for you?

Not at all. Saturated fat ‘was’ linked to heart disease for nearly a half century based on flawed data. Modern research has clearly proven that heart disease is directly linked to the over consumption of sugar and processed foods and high levels of blood glucose.

Can I return the product?

Due to the extremely high cost to make KetoMed, unfortunately, we unable to accept returns but if you’re not able to use the product yourself we encourage you to offer it to a loved one or friend who may be able to benefit from using KetoMed.

Who is KetoMed designed for?

Anyone that is following a Ketogenic lifestyle will benefit from adding the KetoMed Complete Ketogenic Nutraceutical Drink to their daily nutritional plan. Maintaining nutritional ketosis may provide extended benefits for individuals that aren’t attempting to lose weight. For this reason, KetoMed may also be beneficial for individuals with brain disorders, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, or improve blood sugar control in the short term for those with type 2 diabetes.

What is nutritional ketosis?

As a natural metabolic state, nutritional ketosis occurs when the body adapts to using fat rather than carbohydrates as fuel. Nutritional ketosis has been studied extensively for its direct impact on reducing blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity and reducing inflammation.

Why is KetoMed so expensive compared to other products on the market?

To ensure the highest quality product available, KetoMed requires extensive research and testing for ingredient sourcing and formulation. To achieve this, we scientifically formulated KetoMed as a therapeutic Ketogenic nutraceutical drink that provides the golden ratio while utilizing clean, non-GMO and hormone-free protein. Because fat plays a pivotal role in the Ketogenic diet, ~75% of KetoMed’s calories come from high-quality medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

The ingredients in KetoMed are extremely high quality, especially at high potency levels for maximum results. Additionally, given the complexity of the formula, we can only make small batches four times per year (every quarter), as each batch of the product takes 12 to 16 weeks to produce and package. We conduct extensive tests on each and every ingredient before, during and after manufacturing to ensure the absolute highest quality and cleanest Ketogenic formula on the planet. However, keep in mind that each bottle of KetoMed is a full 2.2 pound one month supply (30 days) for daily use. Many other products appear less expensive but have much fewer servings per container and a fraction of the quality and or potency, along with questionable ingredients and most are not qualified to be called Ketogenic.

Why do you only offer one "Keto" or Ketogenic product?

We only make one product (KetoMed) because we have spent the last 3 years researching, developing and focusing on the simplest and most effective way to sustain a Ketogenic state in the most cost-effective way possible. It may seem more expensive but KetoMed is the only Ketogenic product you need. Most other inferior brands have multiple so-called Keto products for the purpose of selling more product. Many offer meal replacements, fat burners, exogenous ketones, Keto vitamins and separate MCT. With KetoMed you’re getting all of the above in one high-quality product. As a result, you will likely find that you are saving money. We make only one product but we make that one product the best in the world.

Does KetoMed have any side effects?

Generally speaking there are no negative side effects. Only side benefits, however, given the high potency levels of MCT, some people may experience slight gastrointestinal discomfort at first as the body becomes adapted. Keep in mind that KetoMed has potent antifungal & antimicrobial properties that may cause a Candida/fungal die-off reaction in those with compromised immune systems. (This is a good thing) If you do experience this then simply start using KetoMed by cutting the serving size in half until you can drink the full serving with no problem. Most people will be able to tolerate immediately.

What's the best way to use KetoMed?

Following a ketogenic diet, or healthy low carb lifestyle nutrition meal plan, take one KetoMed shake as a meal replacement (1 pre measured scoop) for up to 1 to 2 times daily in conjunction with 2 to 3 balanced Ketogenic, or healthy, low carb lifestyle whole food meals throughout the day. To prepare, mix one serving of KetoMed drink powder in 8 ounces of water and shake or blend ( for best results, simply shake instantly in a shaker or water bottle in 8oz of cold water). A blender with water and ice is optional but not needed. Use more or less water to achieve desired level of sweetness or flavor intensity. This formula is designed to mix instantly with water. You could also bake with KetoMed! View our KetoMed Cinnamon Mug Cake recipe!

How is KetoMed better than other "Keto" or Ketogenic products?

Most so-called ‘Keto friendly’ and or ‘modified keto’ products on the market are in fact not Ketogenic at all. The term Keto or Ketogenic diet has turned into a subjective marketing term much like the term ‘all natural’ with no real legal definition. And as a result, a lot of improperly or cheaply made products pretending to be Keto don’t fit the ratio guidelines to be truly Ketogenic. KetoMed is formulated based on a real therapeutic Keto diet.

How do I measure nutritional ketosis?

Your body’s ketone levels can easily be checked by one of these three methods: Blood Ketone Meter, Breath Ketone Meter, or Urine Sticks.

What does KetoMed taste like?

We currently only offer one flavor of KetoMed and its a smooth gourmet vanilla ice cream flavor.

How can I be sure not run out of KetoMed?

You can order on our Preferred Delivery program to ensure automatic monthly delivery plus FREE S&H.