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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your keto product align with a real keto diet? While most products claim to be keto or keto friendly, many if not most so called keto products don’t provide the appropriate nutrient composition required to be qualified as genuine keto in terms of maximizing ketogenic effectiveness. Instead of following subpar industry standards by cutting corners, we use substantiated scientific literature to develop the most complete and effective ketogenic drink formula on the market. The KetoMed Complete Ketogenic Nutraceutical Drink powder was developed in conjunction with decades of therapeutic data to emulate a modernized formula based on a therapeutic or clinical hybrid ketogenic and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) diet making it the first complete ketogenic/antifungal formula of its kind.

Why did you change the formula?

Nutrition science is evolving rapidly. What we knew about nutrition and supplements 10 to 20 years ago, or even as recent as 2 to 5 years ago is far different compared to what we know now. Our R&D science team will always stay on top of the newest research and periodically make formula upgrades to ensure that KetoMed is the most advanced ketogenic nutraceutical drink in terms of adaptability and effectiveness for our customer demographic. For example, several of our ‘newest’ ingredients were not developed and available during the development of the original formula 5 years ago.

What key upgrades did you make to the newest formula?

The original KetoMed was great, but the newest KetoMed is even better; We removed grass fed whey protein isolate and replaced it with the most bioavailable, plasma enhanced collagen protein peptides with 200% better absorption compared to other collagen found in stores. There is no gluconeogenesis (insulin/blood sugar spike) effect with KetoMed collagen peptides, whereas milk based proteins can raise blood sugar and insulin. Collagen protein peptides are also well researched for its anti aging benefits and nutritional support for healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. Additionally, we increased the MCT matrix to include predominantly C8 (caprylic acid) MCT, which is 3X more ketogenic than other MCT’s and10 X more than coconut oil, which contains predominantly C:12 Lauric acid, which is arguably ‘not’ even considered an MCT fat. And we added 30 superfood antioxidant phytonutrients from the most well researched fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, which are typically lacking on a higher fat, low carb diet, and nearly impossible to obtain from regular wholefood. Lastly, we removed a few vitamins and minerals that may have contributed to digestive issues, as well as any and all thickeners such as Xanthan gum, cellulose gum, carrageenan. We replaced this with healthy acacia extract and 1,000mg of non GMO pure extra virgin olive oil in a patented powder form.

What about the saturated fat isn't that bad for you?

Not at all, especially when consumed without high glycemic carbs. Saturated fat ‘was’ linked to heart disease for nearly a half century based on flawed data that confused causation with correlation. Modern research has clearly proven that heart disease is directly linked to the over consumption of sugar and ultra processed foods and high levels of blood glucose.

Can I return KetoMed?

Due to the extraordinary high cost to make KetoMed with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and the lengthy 4 month manufacturing & testing process to make each small batch, we are unable to accept returns which have been opened from its original packaging. However, KetoMed is a very effective one of a kind nutraceutical drink, and if you’re not able to use KetoMed yourself we encourage you to offer it to a loved one or friend who may benefit from using KetoMed. Simply put, KetoMed is too valuable for health and too expensive to throw away, which is what we would be required to do if we had an open return policy.

Who is KetoMed designed for?

Anyone who is seeking to improve their health through lifestyle nutrition by following a high fat, low carb lifestyle nutrition plan. The KetoMed formula is metabolically flexible and can be used as part of multiple nutrition meal plans including but not limited to; a therapeutic ketogenic diet, modified keto, cyclical keto, paleo, Antifungal diet, Mediterranean diet, or even a high protein, medium carb, lower fat sports nutrition diet. Or any higher fat, low carb/low grain lifestyle nutrition program.

What is nutritional ketosis?

As a natural metabolic state, nutritional ketosis occurs when the body adapts to using fat rather than carbohydrates as fuel. Nutritional ketosis has been studied extensively for its direct impact on reducing blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity and reducing inflammation. Remember starvation ketosis is different than nutritional ketosis. Starvation ketosis is your body’s natural survival mechanism that forces ketosis when you have no food, whereas nutritional ketosis induced by ketogenesis (high fat/low carb/low to moderate protein) mimics fasting through nutrition without starvation or fasting.

Why is KetoMed so expensive compared to other products on the market?

KetoMed may appear more expensive, but compared to other brands it’s a great value. We use the highest quality purest nutraceutical grade ingredients at the proper percentages, potency & purity in order to ensure the highest quality complete ketogenic nutraceutical drink formula available anywhere in the world.

To ensure the highest quality formula available, KetoMed requires extensive research and testing for ingredient sourcing and formulation. To achieve this, we scientifically formulated KetoMed as a therapeutic Ketogenic nutraceutical drink that provides the precise Ketogenic ratios uniquely designed to emulate a therapeutic model, while utilizing the most bioavailable non GMO KetoMed collagen protein peptides, and because the type and percentage of dietary fat plays a pivotal role in the Ketogenic diet, ~85% of KetoMed’s calories come from high-quality purified (predominantly C8 caprylic acid) medium chain triglycerides (MCT, 20g pure MCT oil per serving and 1,000mg of non GMO extra virgin Olive oil).

The ingredients in KetoMed are extremely high quality, pharmaceutical grade, high potency and formulated at optimal levels for maximum effectiveness. Additionally, given the complexity of the formulation and manufacturing & testing quality assurance protocols, we can only make small batches four times per year (every quarter), as each batch of KetoMed takes 16 weeks to produce, test, package and bottle. We conduct extensive testing protocols on each and every raw material ingredient before, during and after manufacturing to ensure the absolute highest quality, purest, safest and cleanest Ketogenic nutraceutical drink formula on the planet.

Why do you only offer one product?

We only make one product because we meticulously focus all of our time and attention to the research & development of making KetoMed the most technologically advanced ketogenic nutraceutical drink in the world. We formulate ketomed based on decades of research in combination with the most modern and meaningful nutrition science and manufacturing technology. Although food and nutrition have been studied for centuries, modern nutrition science is relatively young. The first vitamin was chemically defined and isolated less than 100 years ago. What we thought was nutritionally optimal 50 years ago was not the same 30 years later, and what we thought was optimal 20 years ago, or even 5 years ago is different from what we now scientifically understand today. KetoMed as a company is dedicated to the research and development of our sole product, KetoMed, to ensure we create the most upgraded up-to-date safest, purest and most complete & effective clinical ketogenic nutraceutical drink formula on the planet.

What chronic health issues do people use KetoMed for?

KetoMed may be used as nutraceutical meal-replacement in conjunction with the appropriate nutrition protocol, which may assist with inflammation, glucose-control, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue, fat burning metabolism, appetite control and cognitive clarity.

When can I expect to see results?

Results may vary, but generally speaking, you should begin to notice meaningful feel the difference and see the difference results by the time you finish your first bottle within approximately 30 days.

Does KetoMed have any side effects?

Generally speaking there are no negative side effects. Only side benefits, however, given the high potency levels of MCT, some people may experience slight gastrointestinal discomfort at first as the body becomes MCT adapted due to its quick absorption. Additionally, keep in mind that KetoMed has potent antifungal & antimicrobial properties that may cause a Candida/fungal die-off reaction in those with compromised immune systems. (This is a good thing) If you do experience this then simply start using KetoMed by cutting the serving size in half until you can drink the full serving with no problem. Many people will be able to tolerate immediately.

KetoMed is not an ordinary meal-replacement. It is a high quality comprehensive ketogenic/antifungal nutraceutical drink rich in purified MCT oil, which may cause temporary side effects such as queasy upset stomach, mild nausea and light headedness. Do not be alarmed. This is common due to the very quick absorption of the purified MCT oil matrix. For this reason, we suggest starting with smaller servings and gradually increasing the dosage until you can enjoy a full serving. For example, after making a shake pour a 1/3 to 1/2 into a separate glass (close cap and put rest in refrigerator), drink and wait 15 minutes. If you feel queasy, all that means is that you need to gradually use less over the course of 5 to 7 days until you become MCT adapted, at which point you can use a full serving as a meal-replacement.

What's the best way to use KetoMed?

Following a ketogenic diet, or healthy low carb lifestyle nutrition meal plan, take one KetoMed shake as a meal replacement (1 pre measured scoop) for up to 1 to 2 times daily in conjunction with 2 to 3 balanced Ketogenic, or healthy, low carb lifestyle whole food meals throughout the day. To prepare, mix one serving of KetoMed drink powder in 6-8 ounces of water and shake or blend ( for best results, simply shake instantly in a shaker or water bottle in 8oz of cold water). A blender with water and ice is optional but not needed. Use more or less water to achieve desired level of sweetness or flavor intensity. This formula is designed to mix instantly with water. You could also bake with KetoMed! View our KetoMed Cinnamon Mug Cake recipe!

How is KetoMed better than other "Keto" or Ketogenic products?

Most so-called ‘Keto friendly’ and or ‘modified keto’ products on the market are in fact not Ketogenic at all. The term Keto or Ketogenic diet has turned into a subjective marketing term much like the term ‘all natural’ with no real legal definition. And as a result, a lot of improperly or cheaply made products pretending to be Keto don’t fit the ratio guidelines to be truly Ketogenic. KetoMed is formulated based on a real therapeutic Keto diet.

How do I measure nutritional ketosis?

Your body’s ketone levels can easily be checked by one of these three methods: Blood Ketone Meter, Breath Ketone Meter, or Urine Sticks.

What does KetoMed taste like?

KetoMed tastes like delicious gourmet ice cream. Some people say it tastes like vanilla whipped cream. The taste/flavor, texture, mouth feel, and mixability has been very well received worldwide.

How can I be sure not run out of KetoMed?

You can order on our Preferred Delivery program to ensure automatic monthly delivery plus FREE S&H.